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Welcome to the Daisy Airgun Museum!


Welcome to Rogers Arkansas!

If you can come to Rogers, Arkansas, we’d love to meet you and to hear your Daisy story. If you can’t make the trip right now, we’re hopeful that this website will serve as a virtual tour for you and that you too will read our history, visit our online giftshop, share your story with other online collectors and even pick up an exclusive limited edition collectible.

2021 Downtown Rogers Model 25

Each year the Daisy Museum creates artwork, featuring an historic site in downtown Rogers, Arkansas, to be engraved into the stock of the famous Daisy Model 25 pump-action BB gun. This year's artwork features the World's Largest Daisy BB Gun which was erected on January 20, 2021. 

The 25-foot sculpture leans up against the Daisy Museum building in Historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas.  The larger-than-life Daisy BB Gun is expected to attract families and photo-takers from across the country.  A card, inserted with each gun, tells the sculpture's story. These guns are engraved to order and, when 500 guns have been made or at the end of 2020, whichever comes first, the issue will be closed.

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80th Anniversary Numbered
Limited Edition Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

First Daisy Red Ryder Tribute
Limited Edition with Custom Package

First Daisy Red Ryder Tribute - Limited Edition with Custom Package

In 2019, the Daisy Airgun Museum proudly accepted the donation of a very special No. 111, Model 40 Daisy Red Ryder BB gun which was a pre-production gun.  It had been presented on April 2, 1940, to Fred Harman, by Daisy execs Cass Hough and Robert O. Wesley. 
In exchange for the generous donation of this first model presentation gun, the Daisy Airgun Museum committed to produce 1,000 "Tribute" guns, with each stock laser-engraved with the same words which appeared on the first presentation gun: "ONE ONLY", "LIMITED EDITION", "CERTIFIED" and the signatures of Hough and Wesley.  There was also a gold star affixed to the first gun and we have replicated that also.

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Read about this gun in the NRA's "America's First Freedom":

Our new short-sleeved T-shirts feature a wonderfully artistic image of the new World's Largest Daisy BB Gun, which is leaned up against the Daisy Museum in historic downtown Rogers, Arkansas. We ask that you call to place your order so we can check on availability of your size in your preferred color.  Colors are charcoal, mint green, red, blue and yellow.  S,M, L, XL are $19..99 and 2X and 3X are $22.99.



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God has blessed America!

Stand up, show your support, and pledge your allegiance to our country with this genuine Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.  The stock is laser engraved with the American flag and the text of our Pledge of Allegiance.  Click here to view more!

2nd Amendment Red Ryder - Engraved with your name.

Because a Daisy BB gun is just about everyone’s first gun, it could just possibly be the most important gun in the world.
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Red Ryder State Guns

Now you can own an authentic Daisy Red Ryder with your choice of state name with state shape and official motto laser engraved on the left side of the stock. Click Here For More


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